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g2 bagde


I have been thoroughly impressed by the platform's ability to revolutionize the entire contract management process, making it a breeze to handle

Mihir Shriram

Legal Advisor and Product Conformity Leader

Our contracts can be easily organized, labeled, and stored in a central database, making it easier to locate specific contracts when needed. With automatic reminders for key dates.

Mukesh Mittal

Joint Manager

A great Initiative by Legistify to lower the time and effort spent in legal matters, with a great team of qualified lawyers they help you solve legal matters with ease.

Naresh Kumar


Legistify is our one stop solution for all our legal needs. With a team of great lawyers and amazing staff, they have managed the Company’s portfolio very nicely.

Mayank Srivastava

Deputy Manager-Legal

Access to real-time data and analytics, enabling teams to monitor and analyze case-related activities. Reducing costs by streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

Pratiksha Shukla

Deputy Manager-Legal


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